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A Remarkable Journey of R&d and Manufacturing of Wanhao Child Inline Skate


Wanhao, a company dedicated to child inline skate manufacturing, was born in the pursuit of freedom, speed and passion. Our mission is to provide excellent product experience for roller skaters around the world through advanced R&D and manufacturing.


Exquisite craftsmanship, speed and stability

Speed and stability are the core features of our products. Our products have been carefully designed and optimized to provide stable controllability, sensitive steering and excellent durability. We adopt advanced materials and innovative technology to make roller skating products reach the best level in speed, flexibility and impact resistance. Whether you are a speed-seeking street skater, a skilled skateboarder or a skier who likes city cruising, you can find roller skating products that meet your needs in Wanhao.


Child Inline Skate

Item Model MC0 MC3 MC6 MC7 MC8
Type Training/Fitness Training/Fitness Training/Fitness/Slalom Training/Fitness/Slalom Training/Fitness/Slalom
Wheels PU 80A/No Lights PU 80A/No Lights PU 85A/No Lights PU 80A/No Lights PU 85A/No Lights
Frame Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Closure Buckle, 45° strap Buckle, 45° strap, laces Buckle, 45° strap, laces Buckle, 45° strap, laces Buckle, laces

Child Inline Skate

Adjustable Child Inline Skate for Beginner

Children's Inline Skates, Adjustable for 3-12 years old beginner.Macco MC3 inline skate a perfect partner for trainning and fitness.


About this item

  • 4 Sizes Adjustable - Kids can ride on these skates for a long time for you’ll be able to increase the boot up to four sizes. Three size available: Small for little kid(3-5); Medium for big kids(5-9); Large for youth & young adult(9-12).
  • High-end Features - Enjoy a smooth, quiet and confident ride on the reinforced aluminium frame, 80A polyurethane wheels and high quality ABEC-5 bearings.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Integrated plastic steel support, no deformation
  • Triple Closure - Includes Cam lever buckles, velcro strap and lace. An easy system to get in and out of the skate quickly and nicely, even the little children can do by themselves.
  • Comfortable: Thickened memory liner; Mesh breathable upper.
    Luminous shoelaces break through the previous design aesthetic feeling.

Child Inline Skate


Fashion design, jumping on the street

Wanhao's child inline skate products are not only excellent in performance, but also pay attention to fashion design, which conforms to the trend taste of European and American countries. Our design team always pays attention to international trends and is inspired by street culture, art and fashion. Each product is a unique work of art, allowing users to show their personality and taste while roller skating.

User experience, care first

Wanhao not only provides excellent child inline skate products, but also pays attention to the user experience. We have established a perfect customer service system to ensure that users can get timely help and support in the process of purchase and use. Whether it is a professional roller skater or a beginner, every Wanhao user can feel our care and care.


In Wanhao, we believe that roller skating is not only a sport, but also an attitude towards life.


As a China company integrating R&D, manufacturing, brand marketing and service of roller skating sporting goods, Wanhao Company has become the preferred roller skating products manufacturer in European and American stores with the advantages of R&D and manufacturing. Our innovative ability, quality management and attention to user experience make our products in an international leading position in terms of quality and safety.


If you are looking for high-quality and reliable roller skating products, please choose Wanhao. We are committed to providing you with safe, comfortable and dynamic roller skating supplies.


Contact Wanhao.   

Phone: +86 18024285631

Email: info@flyinsports.com

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