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A good pair of inline skates must be safe, foot tight, comfortable. Meanwhile, the age of roller skaters is getting younger and younger. Different from the adults, most of kids and youth are skating beginners, and that makes it especially important to provide them with a pair of skates that are easy to wear and beautiful and cool.



There are many roller skating clubs. Meanwhile, many kindergartens also carry out roller skating courses.  Prices of skates in shopping malls, supermarkets and specialty stores range from $10 to more than $200. Parents are left wondering why the price of roller skates varies so widely! In fact, it is very simple, as the saying goes: “A penny goods, Rice porridge to eat without hunger.” So we will introduce the importance of kids skates for children and how to distinguish skates, as well as the price of roller skates in the market.



Roller skates according to production standards and production technology, materials for workmanship can be simply divided into toys roller skates and sports equipment. What's the difference between the two?  Toy roller skates as the name suggests is a toy, the original intention of production is to let children to "experience" roller skating.  Sports equipment is designed according to the long-term movement of the athlete. The differences include: the selection of raw materials, production technology, and the original intention of production. 



How to choose a suitable pair of inline skates for kids?

First of all, we need to know how to choose the size of skates. Almost all the kids skates are adjustable, so that children in different stages can find a pair of skates grow with them for a long time. Usually roller skates are divided into S,M,L three code segment. How old are the children suitable for each code segment? Normally S is for the 3 to 5 years old, M is for the 6 to 8 years old, L is for 9 to 12 years old.  Children's inline skates are usually smaller than the shoes size we usually wear. For example, I usually wear 41 shoes and my roller skates are 38. Each roller skate has its own adjustable size. S is usually (27-30), M (31-34),and L (35-38). As the beginners are getting younger and younger, many manufacturers produce S size (25-29).  Of course, no matter how old, according to my experience, kindergarten children generally buy S size.   



Secondly, inline skates are composed of upper shoes, knife rest, wheels, bearings etc. Upper shoes include upper and inner, upper is divided into plastic and mesh. The difference between the two is that the plastic liner can be pulled out for cleaning, while most of the mesh toe liner and vamp are integrated.  Here we emphasize the importance of the liner, be sure to choose a bit thicker liner roller skates, so that it will be comfortable to wear. Many manufacturers of roller skates choose to use memory liner, this liner has super protective and wrapping, with the passage of time and children's feet are completely consistent, give children the most comfortable protection, but also can be maintained for a long time.

Next is the choice of knife rest. Children's roller skates are divided into separate knife rest and integral knife rest. The separation tool rest mostly uses aluminum alloy, 7000 aluminum, plastic steel, iron, carbon fiber, etc. I personally suggest that except for children with very fat body weight, kids before 5 years old, not to choose heavy skates. The shoes of integral knife rest are usually plastic knife rest, the shoes are light in weight, and it is not easy for children to step on the blade when sliding. 



As for the wheels and bearings. Wheels are generally divided into polyester and PVC wheels, polyester has higher elasticity, and wear-resistant. PVC wheels are relatively stiff, small friction with the ground when sliding, large noise, not very comfortable. There are more roller shoes with lights on the market, are these very good? In fact, the more high-end brands will not use flash wheel, the reason is that: flash wheel depends on friction light, will affect the sensitivity of sliding, once not flexible, will lead to children sliding very difficult, light affect posture, serious fall. And the wheel will be thinner because of the flashlight, resulting in a shorter service life of the flash wheel.



It is a little difficult to distinguish the bearings, because they generally will not be taken apart. Here is just a recommendation: we must learn to protect the bearings of shoes, and regularly wipe the dust above after a long time of outdoor sliding.   



Healthy and happy roller skating requires parents to take roller skates seriously. Good shoes will foster a child's interest.

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