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Kids scooter, a favorite kids toy for indoor and outdoor sports and recreation, because it can be used both as a means of transportation, and entertainment facilities. Macco as a well-known brand of kids kick scooter, it is often selected as the evaluation sample by the third party evaluation agencies. 

In order to provide consumers with objective and comprehensive evaluation results, we partially cited the data of authoritative third-party evaluation institutions, combined with the evaluation results of our own laboratory. 

Samples for evaluation


Including Macco kids 3-wheel kick scooter PGB1, a total of 15 kids scooters participated in the review.This list covers mainstream and well-known scooter brands at home and abroad.

Operating Experience

Test items: weight, storage, height adjustment, deck size



Item weight 3.12kgs, taking into account the convenience of carrying and use of the firmness.

One-second folding device, easy to operate, children above 8 can complete independently.

After folding, the structure is stable and can be easily dragged along.



60cm,73cm,81com, 3-gear height adjustment, with the 13cm wide deck, can meet the needs of all children under 12 years old. The T tube has a 20 degrees swing on the left and right side, and a 28.5 cm wide distance between the front wheels to ensure sufficient driving fun and safety. All-in-one full-cover TRP handle-bar grip glove has excellent grip and are easy to clean.


Test items: smoothness of surface treatment, thickness and skid resistance, the stability of the handle bar and T tube, the size and shape of the hole in the T tube, brake sensitivity, mobility of the scooter.



Thanks to the fully autonomous production process and mature production technology, each connection part of the Macco kids scooter is smooth and tight, even the craftsmanship at the bottom is an industry benchmark. Double thickened bottom plate, more fiber support, to ensure that the load can be maintained at the limit of deformation. The integrated TRP gloves are integrated with the T tube, EXCELLENT!



100 hours of road running test, 100,000 times of steering spring swing test, strict quality control, for more durability, less worry.



Hidden wide brake steel sheet, with good heat dissipation and stability, can realize that stop immediately. 3 light-up wheels and T tube’s sand blast anodic oxidation surface treatment process, your child will love it at the first glance.



Oval hole, easy to operate without clamping hands. 25kg+25kg one left and one right weighting blocks, T tube buckle is not loose. With the addition of a 60kg adult, the scooter can still slide normally, the pedal does not deform. 

Macco kids scooter PGB1 scored 9.8 out of 10. EXCELLENT! Buy recommendation: Highly recommended!

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