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How to Help Your Baby Choose Scooter from April to October 2024?


 6-12 years old children scooter


Why choose a children's scooter?

1. Exercise balance and limb strength, and develop large-scale exercise, thus promoting brain development.
2. Increase outdoor sports, enrich life, increase social interaction with foreign countries, and reduce the probability of becoming addicted to electronic products.
3. Exploring the process of scooter, from unfamiliar to skilled, is also a process of training children to be positive, enterprising, confident and independent.

Of course, things have gone too far, and there will be some disadvantages.

1. For example, playing a scooter for a long time will cause excessive leg muscles and affect the all-round development of the body.
2. The scooter needs to mobilize the strength of the waist, knees and ankles when playing, and the parts are damaged due to improper wrestling.


Precautions for children's scooters:

Based on some disadvantages of scooters, we ask our baby to do necessary warm-up exercises before playing scooters, control the sliding speed, and don't ride on the road with heavy traffic or to avoid accidents. Wear knee pads, elbow pads, safety helmet and other safety equipment before riding.

How to choose a scooter?

(1) Baby-watching age: 2-6 years old: infant scooter, 6-12 years old: children scooter.

Scooters for children: Designed for children, the purpose is to make them exercise their sense of balance, which is relatively small. Therefore, the scooter is mainly tricycle, which will be more stable and safer than other models. Of course, the weight should not be too light.

Children's scooters: This age group is relatively high compared with the beasts. In order not to affect their free play, the scooter's purchase should consider the shape, size, weight and experience.

 6-12 years old children scooter


(2) Look at the parameters

1. Material: aluminum alloy is the best, and plastic composition is also acceptable. Iron and steel are cheap and heavy, and they will become weak and unsuitable if they are easy to rust. Aluminum alloy is lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable.

2. Braking: Usually, children's scooters are equipped with rear brakes, which can be stepped on to check whether they are flexible.

3. Pedal: Choose a pedal with strong bearing capacity to prevent deformation from causing danger. According to the demand, the design team can provide appropriate suggestions to customize the best widened and thickened pedals.

4. Wheels: The choice of wheels directly affects whether the taxi is smooth or not. Most children scooters in the market use PU wheels, with a diameter of ≥12cm and a width of ≥5cm, which have the advantages of strong anti-skid, grip and wear resistance. We can also choose to customize the cool magnetic flash wheel, which is cool to shine at night. Without batteries, it lights up when it slips, which is also a good choice.


children scooter wheels


Bearings generally have the grade difference of ABEC, which represents the accuracy of bearings. The higher the ABEC level, the higher the accuracy, and the longer the rotation duration, which means the smoother the wheelset.

Generally, I suggest buying a scooter with an ABEC of level 5 or above.

5, Whether to fold: the foldable scooter is more convenient, placed in the trunk of the car, and it is also good to take it with you.

6, One car is multi-purpose: the car has a variety of customization modes: push mode, balance car mode, and taxi mode. Choosing multi-mode also means that children will have different play choices at different ages. Prolonged the service life of the scooter, worth it!



7, Height adjustable: whether the height can be adjusted is related to how long the car can be used. The armrest of Macco scooter is infinitely adjustable, and the rubber handle is tilted at 25 degrees left and right. Choose a height-adjustable child to last longer!

8, Safety: gravity steering system, chassis design triangle structure car will be more stable.

9. Body weight

First of all, for a scooter that is too heavy, children have to use more strength to make it slide, and it will be more difficult to turn around and play less flexibly.

Secondly, the greater the vehicle weight, the weaker the ability to control the brakes, especially when going downhill, which may make the baby unable to brake in time when facing an emergency.

The most important thing is that parents should carry scooters. Too heavy scooters are the same as carrying a brick of 3 or 4kg.

10. Handle: The horizontal tube is an obvious protruding part on children's scooters. In order to prevent the handle from hurting the user or the third party's feet and other parts of the body when riding the scooter, the end of the handle should not be too tapering. According to the standard, the diameter of the handle end of children's scooter should not be less than 40 mm.

Wanhao company can customize the stepless adjustment, anti-slip, double-spring gravity steering system, all-inclusive emergency stop foot brake design, widen the shock-absorbing luminous wheel, adjust the height, and can be folded and stored with one button, which is portable and does not occupy too many places, and easily accompany children to spend a happy childhood.


If you are looking for high-quality and reliable scooter products, please choose Wanhao. We are committed to providing you with safe, comfortable and dynamic scooters supplies.


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